Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CleanPrint - save the planet one sheet at a time

Clean Pring.PNG

CleanPrint is a Chrome extension that lets you save and/or print exactly what you need from the web - helping to save the planet one sheet at a time. Add CleanPrint to Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

Watch this brief tutorial for a quick introduction on how to use CleanPrint features like:

  • Selecting only the content you need, eliminating unwanted ads
  • Deleting unrelated text or images
  • Increasing or decreasing font size
  • Adding a note
  • Printing, saving to PDF, or storing streamlined content in Drive

*** Of course in the age of “fake news”, having the ability to delete parts of original content is a bit Orwellian, so use your power wisely. ***

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