Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Google Earth - now available on Chrome (and Chromebooks)!

Google Earth.PNG

Google Earth is available on Chrome and Chromebooks! You can still use the desktop version. It’s now called Earth Pro on Desktop. Click on Resources to see tutorials on both.

  • Search the world just like the desktop version
  • Learn with Knowledge Cards once you arrive at a destination - note information is from Wikipedia
  • See the world in 3D (or 2D)
  • Choose your own adventure using Voyager - explore premade “trips”
  • See where the world takes you using the Feeling Lucky option


A great way to keep track of information for both teachers and students is to use the app Pocket. You can connect Pocket using your Gmail account. Once you’re logged in, you can save articles, videos, images and more.

Pocket has apps available for just about any device. Once you connect Pocket, look for it in the share options of the item of interest.

Add the Pocket Chrome extension for quickly saving items in Google Chrome.

Pocket is integrated with over 1500 apps, so saving is easy in just about any platform. Save an item on one device for viewing across all of your devices. Pocket syncs your saved items so that they’re available for viewing - even offline!

read&write for Google Chrome

read&write for Google Chrome is a Chrome extension that converts text to speech. Currently students have free access to the basic tools of this extension. Teachers can sign up to receive free access to the premium tools, which can be used for demonstrations and whole class work. Watch this brief introduction to learn about the many features of read&write for Google Chrome.

Student access:

  • Text to speech for Docs, Slides and the web
  • Practice reading aloud
  • Translator

Teacher access (student features plus):
  • Text to Speech for ePub and PDF
  • Speech to text
  • Word prediction
  • Dictionary - word, picture and talking
  • Highlighting of text, can also group highlighted text in a document
  • Create a vocabulary list
  • Simplify text - great tool for websites

Teachers - Visit the read&write website to sign up for a premium account and for information on how to get started.

CleanPrint - save the planet one sheet at a time

Clean Pring.PNG

CleanPrint is a Chrome extension that lets you save and/or print exactly what you need from the web - helping to save the planet one sheet at a time. Add CleanPrint to Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

Watch this brief tutorial for a quick introduction on how to use CleanPrint features like:

  • Selecting only the content you need, eliminating unwanted ads
  • Deleting unrelated text or images
  • Increasing or decreasing font size
  • Adding a note
  • Printing, saving to PDF, or storing streamlined content in Drive

*** Of course in the age of “fake news”, having the ability to delete parts of original content is a bit Orwellian, so use your power wisely. ***


I'm adding some posts that appeared in my school newsletters. The first is on Quizizz:

Use Quizizz to quickly create fun multiplayer quizzes for common formative assessments or closure of a lesson. Quizizz has a similar playing format to Kahoot. You can also generate a link so that students can complete a session outside of class. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Mark Quizizz public or private
  • Add questions or import from existing Quizizz
  • Mark the correct answer
  • Play a session live or generate a link for homework
  • See or download data on students who have completed a session
  • Quizizz is integrated with Google Classroom!