Thursday, January 7, 2016

Literacy Tools

I have recently revised a page on the media center website that includes a number of literacy tools for breaking down information for students who may be struggling with specific content. For example there are sites that provide articles at different reading levels - Newsela is one example that I've written about previously. A number of the video sources give quick introductions to complex topics. There are also some tools to help modify and teach content. Below are a few highlights. 

CommonLit - This site has FREE fiction and nonfiction texts. You can choose a topic then a discussion question. The site then gives a selection of articles at different reading levels. When using the search feature to find content, filters include grade level, themes, genre and literary devices.

Rewordify - This sites lets you take a selection of text and "rewordify" it: Paste a selection of text or website URL into the the yellow box. Click on the desired button (options depend on what's pasted into the box). The site will then replace difficult terms with easier to understand words. In some cases the results give a couple alternatives, so try texts out ahead of time to start.

There are a number of additional features.
  • The Rewordify site has links for classic literature and public domain texts
  • It includes activities for learning vocabulary
  • You can more quickly create activities and lessons
  • Settings can be changed to modify text difficulty and display options
  • Sign in to view work, edit, save, share and more