Monday, February 22, 2016

Putting the YOU in YouTube

YouTube has many great educational videos. Did you know that it also has: 

  • tools to help you keep videos you find organized?
  • storage for uploading your own videos?
  • video editing tools?
This blog post is all about how to use these helpful features and put the YOU in YouTube.

First, Google Apps for Education users automatically have a YouTube channel (account). You can access this account by:
  • going to Drive
  • clicking on the grid
  • clicking on YouTube - you may need to click on the More option to see YouTube

You can subscribe to educational YouTube Channels. When you find a producer of videos that you like, you can subscribe to their channel by clicking on the Subscribe button. Here are some suggestions:
Best YouTube Education Channels Worth Following in 2016 from

Once you subscribe to channels, you can easily access them by clicking on the Guide button (triple lines) in the upper left-hand corner of the screen - you must be signed into your Gmail accout to see them listed. 

You can also upload your own videos or videos that your students have created for sharing and viewing. When you are in YouTube:
  • click on the Create Studio button below your name
  • fill in a user name
  • click the Create Studio button
This will open up the YouTube dashboard. To upload a video, click the Upload button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Watch the brief video below for more details. Your videos and videos you like can also be organized using Playlists

YouTube has been busy adding even more tools for working with video content! 

Video Editing: YouTube has expanded their video editing tools. They now include basic editing functions to modify clips, insert transitions, sound, images, etc. and an audio library for importing songs and sound effects. Click here for more details.

Annotations: Annotations can be added to videos. Some examples of annotations are speech bubbles, spotlights, pop-up notes and links. Click here to learn more. 

Read the article below for some additional practical tips.
8 Overlooked Useful YouTube Tools by Richard Byrne - (great teacher resource!).

YouTube has educational tools for users at all skill levels. Try one (or a few) out!