Monday, December 2, 2013


The following sites can help students (or anyone) improve their vocabulary in different subject areas.
You have probably used, but have you tried their Word Dynamo (link above the search box)? Use this tool to test your knowledge of words at different grade levels. I use a great deal when writing as well. Can create a free account. Has apps.

Flashcard Stash – Scroll down to the Popular Lists and Categories to select an area to study. Or click on “View all” in the in Popular Lists to find an exact category. Once the topic has been chosen, there are a number of game formats to try. Can create a free account.

Knoword – Challenge your word knowledge by guessing words based on their definition. Can create a free account.

VocabAhead – Students can use the Study Room to learn and practice vocabulary in a number of formats. Teachers click on the Teacher tab for directions on how to create customized lists. Can create a free account. Has apps. – Resources for both students and teachers including word lists, puzzles, lesson plans and more.

More of a visual learner? Try out Lexipedia or Visuwords to see words represented in a graphic organizer format. 

Now an update on the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2013:

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