Monday, December 2, 2013

A Few Tech (and not so technical Terms

A Few Tech (and some not so technical) Terms*
Audio book – a book that has been recorded so that it can be listened to on a device
BYOD – bring your own device, as in mobile device
Crowdsourcing – soliciting services, ideas, etc. from a large group (often online)
Dead tree version – printed on paper
eBook – a book in an electronic format that can be read on a device
Emoji – digital version of the smiley face
Emoticon – smiley face made using a keyboard :-)
Hashtag – when using a social networking site such as Twitter or Instagram, inserting a hashtag (#) before a word or group of words “tags” the term and makes it searchable on the site
Hot spot – an area with a good wireless signal
Huge pipes – large bandwidth, i.e. can handle a large amount of network traffic
Instagram – photo / video sharing social networking site
Phablet – a large smart phone or smart phone / tablet hybrid
Photobomb – when “someone” messes with your photo, like this squirrel…
Selfie – photo that you take of yourself

Here are a few more terms that were added to the Oxford Dictionary this year
Cake pops – cake on a stick!
Dad dancing… does this need an explanation?
Fomo – fear of missing out
Omnishambles (UK word of the year for 2012) – “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations”
Digital detox – unplugging from technology
Tl;dr – too long; didn’t read

Now before you start thinking tl;dr about this post, here is some brief information on terms that are helpful for educators to know:

24 Ed-Tech Terms You Should Know
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28 August 2013: Oxford Dictionaries Online quarterly update: new words added to today

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