Thursday, November 19, 2015

Research Round Up

After updating all of the RHS databases, I've finally put all of my suggested research resources in one easy to use place as well. This list can be found on the media center website on the Research tab. Please note that the RHS databases can now be found on the tab called Databases. Below is a description of a few of the tools from the site.


If you want to assist your students with planning their research (or any) project, have them use the Research Project Calculator.
Research Projecto Calculator


If you would like to have your students organize their thoughts and ideas, have them try MindMeister. This tool is available within Google Apps. See me for details.

The CRAAP Test is an easy yet effective method for determining the credibility of websites for both personal and school use. The accompanying video, while a bit corny - they are my people (librarians), gives a quick explanation of why and how to use this test. The acronym is memorable too! 

Evernote lets you take notes AND retrieve them anywhere you have Internet access. So it's a great tool for everyone. I use Evernote when I'm attending conferences. You can include links, photos, videos, tags, etc. Evernote has collaborative features too that allow you to share information and more. 

The tutorial/quiz on plagiarism and citing sources teaches students about plagiarism and how to avoid it.

The resource list included on the media center Research page is not exhaustive. So please let me know if there are other items you would suggest adding. 

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