Monday, March 2, 2015

Explore the world!

It's still cold here in the frozen tundra with a bit of snow in the forecast but that doesn't have to stop you and your students from going on a field trip - a virtual field trip! Below are links to sites that can be aligned with your curriculum and will help you bring the world to your classroom. Bon voyage!!!

Panoramio - lets users explore the world using real photos and Google Maps, Panoramio is a Google App

Travel by Drone - another great site for exploring using real photos - Google Maps and photography are used to create trips, search by grade and subject, includes instructions for creating your own Trek

Learning with iAdventures - an interactive problem solving activity where students determine the outcome of a content-rich story line, search by grade and subject (check links), great idea to try with your own class using Google Sites or Weebly

Inside the White House - interactive tour of the White House, site includes history and additional information, little known fact: you can get in trouble for touching the wall paper in the White House during actual tours...

Google Art Project (Google Cultural Institute) - I've mentioned this site before for exploring museum collections around the world

Google Sky | Moon | Mars - Explore the universe using this site

Google Maps, Treks and Tour Builder - use Google Maps to explore or tell a story

Google Earth - you can download Google Earth to your computer, there are also apps for Apple and Android devices, Google Maps can be used on Chromebooks

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